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, december 3, and that will focus on high speed and inner city passenger rail grant program. and then we'll have the final hearing on this important subject. thursday, the 13th of december, and that will be on the northeast corridor. ironically yesterday i was back in new york city actually looking at some of the flood and storm damage. many of the transportation infrastructure facilities were adversely impacted, huge amount of damage. they have incredible new york city is resilient, and how well they are coming back. i think they got about 95% of their transit operations, rail was particularly hit. almost all of east side lower manhattan tunnels flooded, and just think of the massive effort put forward to get those trains running. they probably move about 20% of all passengers in the world in new york city. and a hit like that was incredible. i understand mayor bloomberg, we met with yesterday, will be in town today, and we had discussions yesterday about fema, which our committee overseas -- oversees and also transportation and infrastructure that was hurt. that may be the subject of a
the facility of the united states postal service located at 320 7th street in ellwood city, pennsylvania, as the sergeant leslie h. sabo jr. post office building. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from arizona, mr. gosar, and the gentleman from missouri, mr. clay, will each control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona. mr. gosar: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself such time as i may consume. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. gosar: mr. speaker, h.r. 5954, introduced by the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. altmire, would designate the facility of the united states postal service located at 320 7th street in ellwood city, pennsylvania, as the sergeant leslie h. sabo jr. post office building. the bill is co-sponsored by the entire pennsylvania state delegation and was favorably reported by the committee on oversight and government reform on s
to the foundation's intent to sue the city for its city seal which contained a cross and a billboard that included elements of that city seal that was in a city park. mr. speaker, this is an outrage. the seal and sign are harming no one. they are widely embringsed by the citizens of bulla kansas. it contains the words values and progressive ideas. unfortunately in this case progressive ideas are making a war on traditional values and it's high time for that to stop. some will claim the first amendment to the constitution requires the cross be removed from this seal and sign. that's hogwash. the first amendment begins with the words congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof. in this instance congress made no law. for that reason alone the first amendment does not apply. furthermore, it cannot be set that this simple seal in any way is an establishment of religion. there is no officially supported secretary or denomination in the manner, this is not in any way an endorsement of any particular religion or any religious denomination. in short the first amendment as originally wr
, is still -- parts are without power. we're going on six weeks now. in many parts of the city and the region we're really pushed back decades for the last six weeks. it's kind of hard to understand unless you've been there. and i think mr. boehner -- speaker boehner is sensitive to that. his remarks have been very positive. that we need to address the needs of the people and deal with the payment for that later. i would hope this would not get embroiled in what already seems to be, by many americans, insurmountable problems. this should not be insurmountable. we should address it and we will have to deal with it at some point. but this needs to be addressed immediately. >> any of us who have been affected by a natural disaster, in our case in california, earthquakes, floods, fire, whatever, but the moment when the people look to the public sector to say, do we really have this compact, are you there for us? when the storms hit last time into the new york area, our members came to us and said the devastation was so great that it has changed in some ways the character of our communities. the s
. and our son lives in new york city. great places to visit. but you don't really have time i think when you're here as much. but to have the family that's there all the time, it's wonderful but it's -- mr. platts: it's one of the blessings, judy, i've been allowed -- because of my district, about 100 miles each way, in my 12 years serving here, while i've been honored to work here, i've been blessed to live at home all but maybe 13 nights i couldn't go back home. but being able to go home to my wife and children, being there every day kept me grounded. it's one of the sacrifices you a know and the colleagues and families of members make a tremendous -- i'm the exception. i'm the only pennsylvanian, couple of marylanders and virginians. they have to be away all week or relocate their family here. it's a tremendous family commitment. you're right. my kids, when i walk in the door, they don't care if i was meeting with the president of the united states, dad, get rid of the coat and tie. we're late for practice. let's go. kids do a good job keeping our priorities straight. mrs. biggert: i also
contractor who drive federal express trucks around the city. real small businesses should be given relief and given incentives to hire people and what happens is that increasing the tax rate on passive investors is held hostage by the fear we'll cost jobs in the small business economy. there are important ways to think about policy, and this will be my final point. i don't want to go on beyond my share, but one of the things that was true at andrews on both the congressional side and on the administration side was that the staff work had been done. the cbo was prepared. the joint committee on taxation had met with our office at the treasury, and we had options that you have still not heard of that, for raising revenues. we have thought of all sorts of ways to do things, and we could limit, itemize deductions in at least 17 different ways, and we have revenue estimates on them because we knew somebody's going to want to know just like that. i am not convinced that the staff work we began, certainly by the early part of the 1990s and late 89 before i got there, has been done at the same lev
the key cities of timbuktu, and nidal. any attempt to militarily oust aqim from the area must be african-led, it must be malian-led. it must be well planned, well organized and well resourced to be successful. military plans must also account for civilian security and humanitarian need. we support the efforts of the interim government of mali, ecowas, the african union, the united nations, neighboring states and others in the international community to prepare a military response in accordance with international law, address the threat of terrorists and extremists in northern mali. the threat of military force has contributed, we think, to a change in some of the northern groups, as witnessed by the recent willingness to have mnla and other members to renounce their efforts to establish an independent state in northern mali. the military concept proposed by ecowas and endorsed by the african union provides a found eags for planning a proposed military intervention in northern mali. however, several key questions must be answered to ensure that this response is well planned, well resource
of spending on public education in d.c. and any major city and say, as we've spent more dollars per capita, have we gotten more education. >> your short answer is you don't. >> no. and this is where the modern republican party is light years ahead of the 1994 gingrich revolution where guys said, get rid of the department of education, get rid of the department of energy or whatever. no, reform government so it costs less. 100,000 kids in arizona will now have a $5,000 voucher, they can take to a public school, a private school, a parochial school, home school, if they don't spend it -- >> so you're saying -- >> you don't need more money, you need reforms. we've given the post office -- would allowing fedex and u.p.s. to deliver mail make your post office mail get their sooner? >> this is one of the questions on the card. when you leave here very shortly you're going to go to your wednesday meeting. this is a literal meeting of the right wing conspiracy, right? >> about this size. >> this is a weekly meeting that you've had -- >> some of the people from there are here. [laughter] i see you.
of st. joseph's hospital in syracuse, the city's first hospital. in 1883, mother mary ann received a letter that would change her life. it was from a missionary in hawaii who was desperately searching for volunteers to take charge of the hospitals that served people with hanson's disease. more than 50 religious congregations had already declined, but mother mary ann was different. she eagerly accepted the mission. she wrote back to fatherly nor. quote, i'm hungry for the work and wish in all my heart to be one of the chosen ones. i am not afraid of any disease, end quote. mother mary ann left for hawaii along with six sisters from syracuse in 1883 where she began a 30-year mission, caring for those diagnosed with hanson's disease. mother maryian accepted a government plea to start a new -- mothery mary ann accepted a government plea to start a new hospital. she arrived months before f damien's death. she oversaw the expansion of health services and programs to provide for education and she lived until the age of 80. on august 9, 1918, she died. she was deeply mourned and is still r
, that they give up on nuclear intentions or have the arab spring arrived in the city of tehran, but you cannot build a strategy based on these wishes or prayer's. sanctions are working. they are helping more than anything i remember in the past. but i do not believe these kind of sanctions -- will they sit there and the table and look at each other and decide the game is over? they cannot stand it anymore. they're going to give up the nuclear -- i do not see that happening. during the coming year and hopefully before the term, from the point of view of israel and united states as well, they will be coerced into putting an end to it this way or another. >> do you believe that unity will occur in 2013? therefore, when mr. panetta says they will be prevented, how else will they be prevented other than by military option? >> i saw what happened in 2012 in the summer and in 2011. the iranian leadership has a lack of tools in their arsenal -- a lot of tools they can play with to delay. when they decided to repossess some of the 20% in ridged uranium into fuel for the research reactor. they stopped m
congressional district of the city of houston, they reflect what america is. i ask my colleagues to oppose this and let us get back to -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentleman from california. mr. issa: thank you, mr. speaker. correcting the record seems to be an important thing here, so i want to note that earlier the minority said that there was no g.a.o. study. well, i beg to differ, september, 20 12, entitled border security, report to congress on its request on page 19, i'll include this for the record, because the program does not require the u.s.-based petitioner, it is particularly susceptible to fraud. diversity visa fraud is rampant in parts of south asia, africa, eastern europe, and is particularly acute in areas where few individuals have independent access to the internet. i'll place that in the record to set the record straight. and the gentlelady from houston mentioned in depth the question of diversity. mr. speaker, 55,000, and perhaps more in the future, stem graduates will bring diversity of employment, the highest levels of unemployme
of new york's capital city, albany, saturday on "poke t.d.." -- "book tv." >> in a few
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12